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Pop-up-beach-tent-nz, beach tents beach tents are small, versatile & normally colorful. be sun smart this summer and protect the littlies from the harsh new zealand sun at the beach or picnic. most of the beach shelters also have a bottom sheet so pesky sand doesn't get in your food or gear.. Beach tents & shelters for sale online in nz. we design, test & adapt our gear to any weather conditions. shop all your camp & hike essentials at kathmandu!, https://www.thewarehouse.co.nz/c/sun-safety/beach-shelter?srule=best-sellers&start=0&sz=24. Epe speedy medium pop-up sun shelter $89.99 new tide shelter $139.00 crest shelter $139.00 protection from the sun (and wind) is important when you are at the beach or generally outdoors here in new zealand., the product. we currently offer two different models of sunshades. the otentik large beach sunshade beach shelter is perfect for up to 6 people, or for those who want plenty of shade and don’t want to adjust the supports every couple of hours..

Take a break from the sun while enjoying your day out at the beach with this pop up beach shelter. beach shelter; dimensions/size: of tent: 108cm (h) x 196cm (w) x 117cm (d) (tent); 2cm (h) x 48cm (w) x 9cm (dia.) (compact/folded), the crest shelter has a quick and easy set up with side and rear windows and a uv 50 rating. perfect for the beach or park. see it here..

Dome style shelter with 4 side curtains. seam sealed added water proofing. roof vents increased air circulation accessory pockets for internal storage., https://www.thewarehouse.co.nz/c/sports-outdoors/camping/tents?srule=new-arrivals&start=0&sz=24. This beach tent is better termed as a beach shade since it has one sidewall fully protected from the sun and wind, while the rest three sides are open. this makes it ideal for taking it to your trip to the mountains, lakesides or the beach. its classed as a beach canopy.. with plenty of room and a large floor, it can accommodate up to 4 people.