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Duncan-toy-chest-new-york-city, duncan's toy chest is based on a real store in new york. the fao schwarz toy store was situated near the plaza on fifth avenue and 59th street. the toy retailer closed in 2015 but reopened in 2018.... Duncan’s toy chest sadly does not exist – and in fact it wasn’t even filmed in new york. in fact, the scenes set in the toy shop were actually shot in chicago, with the exterior of the store being..., duncan's toy chest is a toy store in new york in home alone 2: lost in new york. the store was owned by e.f. duncan..

This is the filming location of the exterior of duncan's toy chest from home alone 2... please subscribe and follow me on my instagram bear_down1110... all hate comments will be removed!!, we hope you enjoy our videos. don't forget to subscribe to travelling trolls! follow us as my four-legged son and i travel the world, or as much as we can see, on our limited budget. https://www .... Home alone 2: lost in new york is a 1992 american comedy film written and produced by john hughes and directed by chris columbus.it is the second film in the home alone series and the sequel to the 1990 film home alone.the film stars macaulay culkin, joe pesci, daniel stern, john heard, tim curry, brenda fricker and catherine o'hara.the film follows a 10-year-old boy (culkin), who once again ..., i watched home alone 2 just now and i'm thinking about making a trip there. it looks like a cool place and i just know my friend naomi would love a set of turtle doves from there. i tried to google it, but it says it doesn't exist. i know that's not true because i saw it with my own eyes when i was watching the movie..

I was watching home alone 2: lost in new york, and since i live in the city i wanted to know if it was real or where it is. i googled it , but something said it wasn't real., the store had long been famous in the city for its amazing displays and toys, as well making multiple appearances in popular films. it was home to the walking piano that featured in the tom hank’s film big, and also became synonymous with christmas for many people, as the interior was used for filming in home alone 2: lost in new york as duncan’s toy chest..

The massive department store (toys, candy, treats, galore!) is home to some of the biggest hits in film history. in 1992, it was featured in home alone 2: lost in new york, and was renamed duncan’s...